Bodegas Nexus (D.O. Ribera del Duero)

Bodegas Nexus is an instrument working alongside nature which in the case of Ribera, appears in the form of a special land embraced by the Duero river, a peculiar climate, and a remarkable raw material―the queen variety Tempranillo.


Wine represents a tradition, a family history, a landscape, a natural heritage and the uniqueness of our production areas.


Our origin is the vineyard, vines that are living beings that must be respected, cared for and allowed to show their personality.


The wine comes from vineyards whose vines have their own rules to respect. The NEXUS line has everything to captivate the senses.


Let your hands touch the earth where it is born, let your eyes and ears know the faces that sustain it, let it slide through your lips for the enjoyment of your mouth, and let you feel the process until the wine reaches you.


Wine is a pleasure and we perceive its properties through the impressions communicated to us by our senses: aromas, colours, brightness, smoothness, structure, roughness, flavour, sweetness and harmony.


This liquid artwork survives through time, passing on the legacy of a natural fruit, and becomes a way of telling stories of our people.

Wines from our cellar