A story around the Duero river

01/08/2021 - Awards

Bodegas Nexus & Frontaura’s history runs along the banks of the Duero river and begins in 1999, combining natural heritage management, production, business strategy and culture. This is how Bodegas Frontaura was born in Toro while the NEXUS BODEGAS project was taking shape in Ribera del Duero. The two of them are based on the uniqueness of the Tempranillo variety in both production regions, which also happen to be the founders’ families places of origin.

Bodegas Frontaura, Appellation of Origin Toro, Zamora (Spain)

The brand FRONTAURA & VICTORIA has its historical origins in the Palatial Home of the Frontaura y Victoria, located in the heart of Toro, which is a distinguishing landmark. Don Pedro de Aponte ordered its construction in 1574.

The winery owns 85 hectares of Tempranillo Tinta de Toro variety vineyards in the estate PAGO DE VALDELACASA. The grape name comes from its particular way to adapt to the conditions in the area: a slightly humid microclimate which softens the winds that hit the pebbly and sandy-textured terroir, combined with an extreme continental climate and continuous sunlight that provide us with a different fruit of high concentration. This results in wines that are juicy, warm, colorful and rich in fruit and bouquet. These wines were traditionally present at the tables of royal European courts.

Nexus Bodegas, Appellation of Origin Ribera del Duero, Pesquera de Duero, Valladolid (Spain)

NEXUS BODEGAS was born at the same time in the year 2000, thus sealing our commitment with our territory of origin in one of the most special wine-making regions in Spain and internationally renowned. Our core values are land, fruit, time and silence. Respecting the uniqueness of the Tempranillo variety is the pillar of our project. We own 65 hectares of vineyards (40 ha in full production and a further 25 new hectares). The soil conditions in the area enable the making of refined, bright red wines where fruit stands out. We strike the perfect balance between the potential of the variety itself and the elegance resulting from a winemaking process that requires care and patience.

Our NEXUS&FRONTAURA red wines are very well positioned in the international market and are sold in more than 25 countries as a quality reference of Spanish wine. We have been awarded prestigious national and international awards throughout our career.