Wine tourism in harmony with nature

04/08/2021 - Others

When we think about leisure and relaxation, nature destinations are becoming an ever-growing popular choice for travelers, especially wine tourism regions. Spending a weekend outdoors surrounded by the tranquility of a sea of vineyards sounds like a plan. You can visit the winery where wines are aging in silence and then taste them. These are some of the exquisite pleasures offered by Nexus & Frontaura wineries in their Pesquera de Duero (Nexus) and Toro (Frontaura & Victoria) facilities, established more than twenty years ago on the banks of the Duero river, where natural heritage is merged with production, business strategy and culture. This unforgettable experience includes the possibility of staying in a boutique hotel owned by the company in Valladolid’s historic city centre.


This is the starting point to a memorable wine and culture experience in a land with a powerful identity and unique climate, home to the river that runs through the heart of Iberia. Spanish poet Gerardo Diego called it “eternal verse of water” in his work Rio Duero, Río Duero.

Visit to the surroundings

It is time to go into the vineyards for a relaxed walk through hundred-year-old vines. They have rules of their own and let their  distinctive personality show, providing our excellent quality staple: the Tempranillo variety. One hundred and forty hectares of marvelous vines (60 in Ribera del Duero and 80 in Toro) that stand like natural sculptures representing its singularity in poor soils, extreme climate and constant exposure to sunlight, which eventually turn the fruit into bright red wines. What makes visiting the town of Toro so charming is that we can go all the way back to our cultural identity roots. It is a walk through history where our brand is a symbol of the territory itself: the Palatial Home of the Frontaura y Victoria, built in 1574 by order of Mr. Pedro Aponte.

Visit to the winery

This building has the typical Castilian architecture of the Toro region preserving the structure of traditional wineries. The visit inside starts in the room where the grapes come through in the harvest season. Next we get to the fermentation room and then to the aging room, where French Allier oak barrels rest until the wine is ready to be bottled. Then we will show you around the bottling, labeling and storing room. It is here that bottles are properly packed to travel to the more than 25 countries where we export wines. A truly unforgettable visit for wine enthusiasts.

The experience

Now it is time to taste the wines with Camino Pardo, owner and one of the best ambassadors of the wine industry in Spain, especially for the Appelations of Origin in Castilla y León - Toro and Ribera del Duero. During our extensive tasting, you will get the chance to taste both. According to Camino, who is also the managing director of the company, the tasting “is an organoleptic experience where we can feel the wines’ properties through our senses: aromas, colors, brightness, richness, structure, smoothnees or harmony, among others”.

The emotion. The wines

Wine exists so that we can enjoy a sensory experience above all; to create bonds to share emotions and aesthetic experiences. Everyone must establish their own criteria , letting go a little and approaching it with humbleness.

Lunch and Customized visit
To finish off we will have a delicious meal surrounded by barrels, boasting traditional cuisine and the best local produce paired with the juicy wines from our wineries, rich in flavors and aromas. This can be a one-day experience or a weekend-long one, you choose!

At Bodegas Nexus & Frontaura we adapt all wine tourism experiences to our visitors’ preferences to live up to our clients’ expectations. Booking in advance is required.